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The Benefits of Power Gleaner's Three-Way Circle of Protection Guarantee
Your business is protected by Power Gleaner's combined "Three-Way Circle of Protection" Guarantee. The Power Gleaner 3-Way Circle of Protection consists of three different guarantees:

1 - 10 % SAVINGS

    * Kilowatt consumption reduced by 10%, or
    * Savings of 10% on your electric bill, or
    * A maximum return on investment in 24 months.

Should our system not meet one of these savings criteria, Power Gleaner will write you a check for the difference (up to the price of your system). There is no refund of equipment required. You keep the equipment no matter what.


We guarantee that our units will protect all of the equipment attached to your electrical system.

3 - 10-Year WARRANTY

Because Power Gleaner units are built with Single Element, Non-Degrading technology, each unit carries with it a full ten-year replacement warranty. In the very unlikely event that the equipment should fail during this time period, Power Gleaner will replace it at a nominal fee.